R.Weller Consulting helps companies unlock the formula to increase profits and attract new customers amid growing competition. As a leader and expert in the retail consulting practice I have the deep industry and operational expertise required to give clients a lasting competitive advantage.

Do You Have A Vacant General Manager Position

In Your Organization?

If so, I will travel to your property and assume the position of Interim General Manager and oversee the operations of the site until you secure a full time, permanent employee. I will also assist in the hiring process, if needed.  My fee for this service will be on a weekly basis, plus travel and other expenses.

Specialty Retail Consulting

Every Kiosk and Specialty Retail Unit has an objective specific to the property and the company.  The Customer’s first impression is formed within the first few seconds of the shoppers experience.  This can also positively or negatively  affect shopping habits.  Appealing, well arranged and easily accessible common areas are critical to the shopper.  We can help give a creative, professional review of the common area units.  Hopefully it will contribute to the overall success of the property and and it’s specialty tenants.

General Retail Consulting

Effective retail marketing drives awareness, traffic and, ultimately, converts shoppers into loyal customers. Increasingly, shoppers are frequenting a multitude of retail outlets through an evolving and intricate path to purchase. This path is more holistically referred to as the “consumer-shopper journey” since the consumption experience also influences purchase behavior.

Retail marketers have a critical role in influencing their target shopper throughout the “consumer-shopper journey” as they maneuver in and out of research, browsing, purchasing and consumption activity. Advances in technology, like mobile marketing and ecommerce, are providing an increased level of retail offering, pricing and promotion transparency. Simultaneously, new retail marketing insights and platforms are available creating a complex, fragmented marketing mix.

Parking Facility Consulting

For many properties, good parking management helps you to tell a lot more about the operation of your asset. Parking is a major factor in a consumer’s choice of where to shop. Difficulties in finding spaces and problems with access and egress can significantly reduce repeat business. We will survey existing conditions, including parking control, equipment; lighting; parking stalls, etc. and make suggestions regarding possible upgrade of existing equipment and other issues.

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